OAC Hired as Project Manager

Posted by Ed Petersen, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator on 3/30/2017

The CSD Board of Directors has unanimously approved the hiring of OAC services as project manager for the district's upcoming construction projects. The firm has strong local ties to Centralia. Principal Dan Chandler is a 1976 graduate of Centralia High School and Senior Associate Kasey L. Wyatt is a 1993 tiger alum.

OAC will be responsible for overseeing the planning and construction phases of the voter-approved bond projects. Those projects include the remodel of Centralia High School and the replacement of both Jefferson Lincoln and Fords Prairie elementary schools. Wyatt will be the lead project manager and expressed excitement at the opportunity to work in Centralia. "Having the opportunity to work with Centralia is something that been on our radar, both Dan and I, for as long as we have been with OAC. We’re both very connected to the community and very passionate about education. This is a dream opportunity for us to serve this opportunity and to show our skills in K-12 planning and construction,” she said."

We are continuing to push forward towards groundbreaking. OAC is already soliciting architecture and design firms and hopes to launch the design process with in the coming few months.

Next in the process is the first round of bond sales, which will be overseen by D. A. Davidson. That will take place on May 9th in Seattle.

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