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Facilities Survey Results Released

The Centralia School District has concluded a survey designed to gauge community feelings about the current needs facing school facilities, and possible future plans to address those needs. Responses were submitted by 299 residents of the school district.  The questions and responses are listed below:

Do you currently have children enrolled in the district?
 Yes    54%
 No  46%
Using state scoring criteria, building condition assessments revealed deficiencies at all school sites due primarily to the age of the structures. In fact, three elementary schools and the high school were categorized as being in "poor" condition. Is this: 
 Very concerning  70%
 Somewhat concerning  19%
 Somewhat not concerning  6%
 Not at all concerning  4%
 Unsure/Don't Care  1%
From what you know or have seen of the school buildings, which do you believe have the most urgent need for building improvements? (Check all that apply)
 Edison Elementary  13%
 Washington Elementary  37%
 Oakview Elementary  20%
 Fords Prairie Elementary  27%
 Jefferson Lincoln Elementary  44%
 Centralia Middle School  15%
 Centralia High School  61% 
 Futurus High School  6%
 Unsure/Haven't been in all schools  20%
Improving safety and security at all schools
 Very important   73%
 Somewhat important  21%
 Not at all important  3%
 Unsure/Need more information  3%
Building permanent classrooms to reduce the number of portable classrooms throughout the district (Currently there are 49 portable classrooms at our school campuses)
 Very important  58%
 Somewhat important  31%
 Not at all important  8%
 Unsure/Need more information  3%
Improving Centralia High School's physical condition.
 Very important  64% 
 Somewhat important  26% 
 Not at all important 5% 
 Unsure/need more information 6% 
If you answered "very important or "somewhat important" to the previous question, are you more likely to support: 
 Fully replacing CHS with a new building  38%
 A modernization of CHS  35%
 Unsure/Need more information  27%
Co-locating K-3 and 4-6 on one campus, with a shared gym, cafeteria, library, and office.
 Very important 23% 
 Somewhat important  28% 
 Not at all important 22% 
 Unsure/Need more information 27%
Preserving the current configuration with K-3 schools and 4-6 schools located on separate sites. 
 Very important 14% 
 Somewhat important 23% 
 Not at all important 38% 
 Unsure/Need more information 25%
Going from five elementary schools to four to reduce our footprint and save on operational costs.
 Very important 32%
 Somewhat important 34%
 Not at all important  14% 
 Unsure/Need more information 18%
Adding gymnasiums to selected elementary schools to enhance teaching, learning, and community use.
 Very important 44% 
 Somewhat important 34% 
 Not at all important 16% 
 Unsure/Need more information 8% 
Do you agree with an approach that would pay for building improvements over multiple phases rather than placing one larger funding measure on a ballot?
 Strongly Agree 20% 
 Agree 26% 
 Neutral 16% 
 Disagree 4% 
 Strongly Disagree 2% 
 Would rather do the needed projects in one bond measure 18%
 Unsure/Need more information 13%
To improve school facilities in Centralia, a voter approved bond measure would be required. Once we receive broader feedback on the concepts being discussed, we can put together various financial scenarios. Considering the general information in this survey, what amount would you be most comfortable paying each month to address school facility needs? 
 $10-14 per month 15% 
 $15-20 per month 19% 
 $20-25 per month  18% 
 $25-30 per month 20% 
 $0 per month 10% 
 Unsure/Need more information 17%