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Student Perspective: Life in a Portable Village

By: The Columns Staff

This year at Centralia High School, students are going through major changes with the old school being torn down and the remodeling process in full swing.

“Walking through portable city is like walking through a maze,” said sophomore Devon Brown of the new grouping of portables that now occupy what was the student parking lot. He does have advice for his CHS peers. “Memorize where all your classes are because you will get lost,” he said.
With 18 new portable buildings scattered through the south parking lot, it makes it hard to find your classes. Additionally, classes are harder to get to because the construction zone is in the center of the campus.

“The walk between classes is even worse because the three main parts of the campus are scattered on the three most opposite ends of the campus, and you pretty much have to walk at least a mile a day just to go to your classes,” said senior Maddie Watson. But she emphasized the need to keep her eyes on the prize. “I’m optimistic about the new look of the school because it might bring better attention to Centralia as a whole,” she said.

“The portables themselves don’t bother me, but the crowds and all the shoving do,” said freshman Emma Brown. She also said that the only thing about the portables that really bothers her is walking between the old “P” portables and the new “T” portables.

Weather presents another challenge: Winter is coming. Jovanah Navarro is one of those students who struggle with having white shoes and walking in the rain. “The portables wouldn’t be too bad if the weather wasn’t bad,” the CHS junior said. “It ruins my shoes with the mud traveling back in forth from across the school.” Jovanah also doesn’t really mind the renovations because, “… it’s all going to be worth it for the new kids that come into the school and bring new memories in it.”