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Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences 2017-18

 To: Grade 9-11 Students and Parents:
Important student led conferences are coming up March 27-30, 2017 from 12:30 to 8:00PM by appointment with your students’ Nav teacher, and it is important to attend!

Mon, March 27

Tue, March 28

Wed, March 29

Thu, March 30

Student Led Conferences by Appointment with Nav Teacher from 12.30-8.00PM


Student Led Conferences by Appointment with Nav Teacher from 12.30-8.00PM


Student Led Conferences by Appointment with Nav Teacher from 12.30-8.00PM


Student Led Conferences by Appointment with Nav Teacher from 12.30-8.00PM


In case you are new to this process, students share updates about how they are doing at the conference, what they have learned and where they are going- all in a compact 15 minute presentation. 

Second, they choose classes for 2017-18. It is vitally important that students choose classes based on their connection to post high school, and the choices are intentional and focused.

Doing this conference together with student, parent and Nav teacher makes this a great success! Please do not miss it!

Here’s How to get started:

Appointment: Students and parents together should pick a 15 minute appointment during March 27-30 from 12.30-8.00PM with their Nav advisor.  If students don’t initiate this, call CHS and talk to Nav advisors by March 22nd.  Here is attached Nav teacher contact information: Staff Name Email Ph Ext

Connect with your Nav advisor: A Nav teacher is one who leads a small advisory group that each student is part of, mostly by grade level.  Look on students’ Skyward schedule to see who your Nav advisor is. If you don’t have one, default to your school counselor.

Conference: students should use the attached power point to organize and drive their conference.  It’s all neat, tidy and ready to add text and make it your own.  Showcase what you have done! It helps to click through the slide deck. Remember, this is a student led conference.

Student Led Conference Power Point Template:  Need help organizing your thoughts for your conference?  Here's a power point slide deck template for you. Use it to keep yourself on track and cover all the needed talking points.

Forecast courses for 2017-18: Before you leave your conference, make sure to pick all 12 classes for next year.  How to do this is located on our web page with tutorials, videos and instruction sheets. All you need is located here:    The computer lab (room 212) will be open Monday – Thursday from 12:30PM until 7:00PM in case you do not get your classes forecasted during your conference. Do not leave without picking classes!

For juniors only, counselors will be calling you down for an individual advising appointment to make certain you are on track to graduate, or that you have a graduation plan. This will happen in April immediately following spring break.

Questions? CHS has developed some new fun courses; some challenging and others very exciting for students. We also have alternative programming for students such as New Market Skills and Running Start.  Ask your Nav advisor or counselor for more information.


All Grade 9 Students: Jessica Boeck              

A-G grades 10-12 : Jim Parker:       

H-O grades 10-12: Matt Whitmire:

P-Z grades 10-12: Deb Everley:

Senior Graduation Coordinator: Nikki Brattain: