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Fords Prairie Rallies for Classmate

Fords Prairie held a very special assembly on September 13. They gathered to support one of their Tiny Tiger family members, first grade student Noah Markstrom, who is battling cancer. Students and staff donned masks and capes, and waved signs with supporting messages at the superhero themed gathering.

The event was arranged by staff at the school, led by Mrs. Julie Broom and Noah and his family were able to take part as well.

Max Vogt, Centralia's mayor pro tem, read a proclamation from the city council declaring that September 13, 2019 is Noah Markstrom Superhero Day. Students read inspiring messages for Noah as well. Ed Dickson of the Seattle Seahawks even sent a video message with well wishes (we'll share that later)

It is heartbreaking to know that any of our students is struggling with an affliction like cancer. Noah is an amazing kid who has inspired the students and staff who have had the privilege to spend time with him. He's always smiling when we see him. We are so proud of our students and staff for their showing of compassion and support for Noah. Things like this are what make Centralia great.

We want to thank Mrs. Broom and all of the Fords Prairie staff for putting this event together. We also want to thank Shop'n Kart and Alderson's Printwares for their generous donations. Thank you also to Tonya Olsen and Monica Laufenberg for coming to take wonderful photos as a gift for the Markstrom family.

Finally, thank you to the Markstrom family for letting us share this story and for giving us an opportunity to know Noah, to learn from him, and love him as one of our Tiny Tigers! We're all here for you!

Noah with family

Students holding a Go Noah banner