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CMS Humanties Students Participate in National History Day

Centralia Middle School students enrolled in the Hi-Cap Humanities class traveled to Cascade Middle School in Vancouver on March 3 for a National History Day competition.  “Conflict and Compromise” was the theme of the day, and teams of students had spent weeks researching and preparing presentations on a variety of topics leading up to the competition. Reports on the Civil War, the Holocaust, Alan Turing’s machine developed to decode German communications, and other subjects were prepared by the class. A larger group of students even wrote, directed, and performed a 7 minute short play about the Code of Hammurabi – Laws from ancient Mesopotamia.

Students involved stated that they learned a lot about the topics they chose, including a few surprises. The group that studied the Code of Hammurabi, for example, was shocked about the perceived brutality of some of the ancient laws (eye for an eye, for example).

The group studying Alan Turing’s decoding machine developed a website within a framework provided by the competition. The site, which you can click here to view, includes information on the life and background of Alan Turing, and how his machine was beneficial to Allied war efforts in WWII

Students participating were: Gabrial Chapin, Kody Heuser, Alexander Hicks-Avron, Landon Kaut, Jacob Mecham, Jonathan Mora-Cisneros, Gessell Saavedra-Herrera, Anna Stinkeoway, Maxwell Street, Michael Chapman, Thomas Doyle, Elias Friberg, Alyssa Graves, Gabriel Marbourg, Darrell Neuert, Olivia Norris, Allan Osborn, and Madison Stoeckler.

Michael Chapman and Elias Friberg placed as alternates for the state competition for their work on the Alan Turing website project.