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8th Grade Student Honored For Essay

Shalynn Blankenship, an eighth grade student at Centralia Middle School, was recently honored by the Washington State Law Enforcement Association (WSLEA)for an essay she submitted in an essay contest in January.

WSLEA sent a letter to one of Shalynn’s teachers in March notifying the school that her submission was ranked as Third Place Winner for Region 2. Shalynn originally read the essay to the entire CMS student body before submitting it to WSLEA.

She was further recognized for her work in an assembly on April 28th. Assistant Principal Tod Pickett said “we want to give her our congratulations for her work.” he added “she shared a whole heck of a lot, it was impressive.”

The WSLEA letter thanks Shalynn for her participation in the essay contest. “we hope that the contest helped prompt discussion in your classroom of the fight against drugs and alcohol.”
Shalynn cited a desire to be a positive role model for her younger siblings. “I am the third oldest sibling of eight children,” she said. “ I play a big role in who they will become.” She added, “when they see me steer clear from negative activities, they too want to make positive choices. I am an example for their little eyes and I hope what I do can grow on them.”