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Centralia Pool Update




We wanted to provide a summary for why the Centralia Pool was forced to shut down and outline the steps that are being done to get it back up and running. We will continue to provide updates as they are given to us.

Week of October 4th

  • On Thursday pool staff reported the pool pump (vertical turbine pump) had a different sound to it. Guages read normal. 


Week of October 11th

  • On Monday, pool staff reported filter grid hangers were missing some of the hardware. Temporary fix was done to keep filters in place.
  • On Thursday, pool staff reported that the pool pump was now making a rattling noise. Noted that small copper particles were being picked up by vacuum. School District placed a service call to our pool contractor who performs the monthly maintenance. 

Week of October 18th

  • On Tuesday, the decision was made to close the pool for that day. Pool contractor was on-site to look at the issue. Contractor found that the pool pump bearing was loose and had a lot of clay inside the shaft. The pump impeller was claned out and the filters were re-installed. It was determined to try and run the pump as-is until a repair solution was determined.
  • On Wednesday, pool staff tried to open the pool but the water was not clear enough to do so by law. The pump impeller was not operating effectively and circulation wasn't enough to clear up the water. School District placed a service call into the HVAC contractor who supplied us the original pump and motor.

Week of October 25th

  • On Monday the HVAC contractor was on-site to diagnose what the pool contractor found and confirm their findings
  • On Tuesday, the HVAC contractor confirmed that repair parts should be avilable however the repair would need to be done by a specialized pump repair shop. Currently there are only two such places in all of Washington and Oregon.
  • On Wednesday the HVAC contractor started the work of dismantling the pump/motor so it can be removed from site. They confirmed that a pump repair shop in Tacoma can work on the pump and scheduled delivery.
  • On Thursday, the HVAC contractor and school district staff removed the pump and loaded it on the trailer for transport. The pump was delivered to the pump repair shop. The repair shop will start the process of dismantling the pump to determine what parts need to be replaced or just repaired. They hope to have a cost summary and timeline for repairs to the School District by the middle of next week.

Week of November 1st

  • The pump repair shop was able to successfully disassemble the pump and have it fully inspected
  • As of Friday afternoon, they have not completed their cost summary or timeline for they were still waiting to hear back on the status of one or two pieces. The school district will follow up with them next week.

Week of November 8th

  • The pump repair shop is still waiting to confirm pricing and availability on all repair parts. They will not present any information to the school district until everything has been confirmed. Part of the delay is due to scheduling for specific parts that need to be machined at a machine shop.
  • The School District is looking at both repair and replacement options when it comes to the pump. Both options will be looked at for cost and timeline.

Week of November 15th

  • The pump repair shop presented the school district with the pump repair quote, the repair quote came in at almost twice the cost of a new pump. The repair timeline was 6-7 weeks for the repair then 2 additional weeks to send the pump out for a special coating to protect against the pool chemicals. With that information in mind, the school district has decided to opt for a new pump replacement.
  • Current lead times for a new pump extend out 10-11 weeks, however the school district feels that a new pump is the best option to provide a long term reliability. The vendor will expedite as much as they can to cut that timeline down when possible. The School District will continue to give updates weekly on their progress.