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CSD Board Resolution Opposing Legislation to Reduce Local Effort Assistance

Resolution 2020-12 Support of Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) in Opposing Legislation that Reduces Local Effort Assistance (LEA) Funding

WHEREAS, Local Effort Assistance (LEA) funding provides resources necessary to ensure equitable access to education opportunities for students in property-poor districts; and

WHEREAS, Levy Equalization is a program designed to reduce local tax burdens in those school districts with lower total assessed value, by providing state matching funds for approved local levies; and WHEREAS, current LEA funding levels are already insufficient to fully close resource gaps between school districts with higher and lower assessed values; and

WHEREAS, reducing or eliminating LEA as a means of lowering state K-12 funding would exacerbate those gaps and disproportionately impact students in property-poor districts; NOW,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Centralia School District 401 expresses its support for the proposal that WSSDA shall oppose legislation that reduces Local Effort Assistance (LEA) funding, which provides resources necessary to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities for students in property- poor districts.