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CSD Will Not Pursue 2019-2020 Reduction in Force

Centralia School District will not pursue a large-scale reduction in force for the 2019-2020 school year. The district will rely on its general fund balance and other reserved funds to balance the budget next year. 

“This is a one-year reprieve,” said Superintendent Mark Davalos. “We haven’t found a pot of uncounted money that solves our fiscal issues. Our projection for next year has us, once again, spending more than we receive. This creates an unsustainable deficit situation. Unless something changes, especially in regards to the limits on our local levies, we will be having another conversation about staffing reductions next year.” Levy reductions and large salary increases contributed to the current fiscal deficit situation. 

Though the district is delaying a discussion about a full-scale reduction in force, there may be some measures taken to reduce expenditures. “Staffing is determined by enrollment and if enrollment declines there may be normal staffing reductions,” said Davalos. “We have also left a number of positions unfilled in several departments including the district office, and we may not fill staff positions left vacant by retirements or other departures.” 

The district expects to receive less revenue in 2019-2020 than it will in the current year. This is due primarily to the full effect of the levy reduction being seen next year. “This fiscal year we had half the year at our old rate, and half at the new lower levy rate. Next year will all be at the lower rate. It’s a significant impact on our revenue,” said Davalos. 

“Our main determination is that there will not be a reduction in force for the 2019-2020 school year, and we will not use staff reductions to balance the budget this year, ” said Davalos. “My thanks go out to our board of directors for agreeing to this one-year solution.”

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