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Budget Extension Hearing Delayed

Information Transfer Problems Cause Budget Hearing Delay

The Centralia School District’s budget extension hearing scheduled for December 12 has been delayed until January 23, 2019. The delay is due to ongoing challenges transferring the budget data to the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction via the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative system (WSIPC).

“We originally scheduled the budget extension for November 28th and we were ready to go with it on our end that day,” said Superintendent Mark Davalos. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to successfully upload the data for OSPI to review, and this is now causing the second delay in this process.”

“The problem we are having is that when we upload the data for OSPI to review some of our accounts are not transferring between here and there,” said Executive Director of Fiscal Services, Rick Bonner. “We have notified the Educational Service District (ESD 113) about the issue and they are working on a fix. Until we are able to successfully transmit the budget data for review and approval from OSPI, we cannot submit the budget extension to our board for their approval.”

The delay does not affect operations in the District. “This budget extension is essentially a change from our original budget approved by the board earlier this year,” said Bonner. “It is necessary for us to make changes to account for the outcomes of our various contractual agreements with bargaining units, which were finalized after the original budget was approved.”