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Board President Discusses K-6 Transition

From Board President, Amy Buzzard:

As we move closer to the reconfiguration of five of our schools here in the Centralia School district, I wanted to take a moment to talk candidly about a few of the reasons we made this decision. Through extensive research and visiting successful schools, we have discovered that the main advantage to change it to a k-6 model is minimizing the transitions for our elementary students. Fewer transitions means stronger relationships by giving each school a longer opportunity to work with families.

Children who have had less transitions during elementary school have been shown in studies to have higher GPA's, higher math and English scores, lower drop out rates and even a significant improvement in social emotional development through opportunities to mentor younger students. Strong neighborhood schools create a family atmosphere that strengthens children and the communities they belong to.

Students have lengthened relationships with more adults and thus have access to multiple sources of support and counsel, siblings can attend school together and parent involvement remains healthy in higher grades. This model will balance class sizes, increase the effectiveness of PLC's and give our district and opportunity to be more cohesive in our curriculum and discipline practices. Students will feel connected to their schools because of their long tenure, and able to grow with a deep sense of rootedness.

Every decision made for this district is done through careful and deliberate conversations. Striving to strengthen our families, this community and give our students the best opportunities to truly love learning.