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Calendar Changes Approved by Board

The CSD Board of Directors approved a calendar amendment for the 2018-19 school year. The changes accommodate makeup days for the five school days missed at the beginning of the year. Those five missed days will come out of the first four days of winter break, and one snow day in February. The first day of winter break will now be December 21. Students will be released two hours early on December 20th. The scheduled snow day on February 15 is now a normal school day.

“We had four well-received options for calendar revisions,” said Superintendent Mark Davalos. “None of the options considered extending the school year due to our tight construction timelines on our three projects.  We would face possible significant increased construction costs if we are not able to turn over control of CHS, Fords Prairie, and Jefferson Lincoln to our general contractor on time. We also face the possibility of creating construction delays that would interfere with our ability to open our new schools on time if we extend the school year.

The approved calendar option allows us to make up our missed days while still leaving room in our calendar to accommodate some potential weather closures this winter.” Davalos added, “We understand that shortening winter break is not an ideal solution for all families. All four of our union bargaining groups as well as the Board of Directors provided input on the calendar revision options, and all of those proposals included the use of some winter break days.” It was also shared that “A serious winter of additional closures would have us adding Saturday make-up days if needed.  We are glad to be back in school and this adjustment will set the year straight.”

Click here to download the updated 2018-19 calendar