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Board Names Centralia Foundation "Platinum Partner"


 Recognition of Valuable Partnership Between Centralia School District 401 and the Centralia Community Foundation

WHEREAS, the first priority of the Centralia Community Foundation is that through philanthropic investment we can help where our taxes and bonds are not enough. Supporting education will benefit the whole community because highly ranked schools will attract people and businesses to move here. This combination provides a quality of life that everyone can enjoy;

WHEREAS, the Centralia Community Foundation has demonstrated a desire to work tirelessly in partnership with Centralia School District 401 to raise funds, to raise awareness, and to develop practices for the benefit of our students;

WHEREAS, the elected Board of Directors of Centralia School District 401 recognizes the tremendous value that developing strong bonds with local organizations like the Centralia Community Foundation presents to our students and community;

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that Centralia School District 401 is proudly naming the Centralia Community Foundation our first community “Platinum Partner” in recognition of their efforts to support education and improve outcomes in Centralia. The superintendent will direct district staff to develop and maintain a page on our websites to recognize community partners who contribute significantly to furthering education and improving outcomes for our students, with the Centralia Community Foundation placed in a prominent position as our top-level organizational partner.