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District Begins Seeing Results from i-Ready Investment

At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, the Centralia School District unveiled its new teaching, learning, and assessment tool called i-Ready. It is a computer diagnostic program that helps measure student progress in reading and mathematics. With the data the program gathers through student performance on computerized assessments, it is able to offer instructional interventions at a level appropriate and customized for each individual student. Data is also provided to teachers who can then modify practices in their classrooms to best generate positive growth with each student.

The first assessment of students was carried out during the fall. After Winter Break students were assessed again, and comparing the data between the two testing windows reveals growth that is pacing at or above goals set for the school year.

Overall, Centralia's students have shown year-to-date growth of 81 percent in reading. A full grade level of growth is measured as 100 percent, and the hope is that each grade would show growth close to that number after a full school year. Several grades have already measured a full year of growth. Fourth grade students across the district have accomplished 102 percent of their goal. Seventh grade has shown an impressive 125 percent. 

Students will undergo another round of i-Ready assessment this spring. In the meantime, the program continues to be used on a daily basis to measure student progress and provide appropriate intervention and instruction.

Centralia School District i-Ready growth to date