• Video of CHS Senior Deck Demolition

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 7/2/2019
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  • JL/FP Demolition Begins

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 6/27/2019

    Demolition of Jefferson Lincoln and Fords Prarie began on June 27th. Both projects are on scheuled and on budget for completion in August!

    building demolition work

    building demolition work

    building demolition work

    building demolition work


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  • CSD Board & Guests Tour Construction Sites

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 6/1/2019

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  • CHS Performing Arts Center Renderings

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 4/29/2019

    Big changes are planned for our performing arts center at CHS. When phase 2 of the modernization project begins this summer, the work will include relocating our PAC. The current classitorium space will be leveled and become part of the new commons area. The space no occupied by the Senior Deck and locker pit will also be leveled to become our new performing arts center.

    The new theater will feature moveable theater seating to make the space even more flexible. During normal school hours it can be used as part of the commons, with tables and chairs. For performances, tiered theater seating will pull from the back wall, and additional seats can be added on the floor for more capacity. Altogether, the new PAC will have capacity for more than 400 people, much better than our old classitorium.

    Check out these renderings from our architect, BLRB.

    PAC rendering

    pac rendering

    pac rendering

    pac rendering

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  • CHS Update - Busy Construction Site

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 4/24/2019

    There is a lot happening at CHS. Framing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, roofing. It's a busy place, but it's looking great and right on schedule. 


    Looking west down what was the "200" hall

    200 hall

    New library:


    New entry


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  • Fords Prairie Update

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 4/11/2019

    Things are looking great at FP this week. The team is really in high gear getting the school ready to open on time. 


    gymnasium with basketball hoops


    electrical work

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  • CHS Grads Working to Modernize School

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/26/2019

    We're extremely proud to have two class of 2018 graduates working as apprentices on the modernization of Centralia High School. 

    Dylan Purkey and Jake Keehr were both students in the CHS construction program. They were able to rely on connections they made as students to secure apprenticeships working on our like-new high school.

    Jake Keehr

    Dylan Purkey

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  • Still on time, on budget!

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/21/2019

    Work on all three projects is moving ahead on schedule and on budget! At CHS, framing work has begun in the educational wing and will be completed rather quickly. Beams are now set for the new entry and library areas. Students have recently toured CHS from the construction programs. Two former students, Dylan Purkey and Jake Keehr are working as apprentices on the site!

    At Fords Prairie and Jefferson Lincoln, the team is finishing up drywall, painting, installing cabinets, polishing floors and working hard to make sure each school opens on time! Three third grade classes at Fords Prairie will be displaced from their portable classrooms in June so that the buildings can be removed to clear the way for construction of that school's covered play area. 

    students touring CHS

    Floor polishing


    student tour

    Take a look at this video flyover of Jefferson Lincoln from March 19.

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  • Elementary Construction Update

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 11/28/2018

    Dan Tonsgard, site superintendent at Fords Prairie, informs us that the "drying in" process at the new school could begin as early as next week. 

    Windows are being installed at Jefferson Lincoln, with Fords Prairie not far behind!  Roofing is well underway at both schools.

    Take a look at this aerial video of both schools from Nov. 27.


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  • Jefferson Lincoln Aerial View - November 5, 2018

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 11/5/2018

    Check out the roof work at Jefferson Lincoln!



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