• Jefferson Lincoln Construction Progress

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 9/17/2018

    Check out progress at Jefferson Lincoln in this video from 9/17/18


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  • Rendering Show CHS Interior Environments

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 9/13/2018

    Check out these renderings that show what some interior spaces may look like in our re-imagined Centralia High School! Graphics shown on the walls are placeholders and may not appear exactly as shown when the building is complete. 

    This image shows the secure entry space. This area is currently the open courtyard that visitors walk through to enter the building on the east side, facing the parking lot.
    Secure entry

    This image shows the front office space.Office space

    This is the "grand entrance." This space is currently the outdoor courtyard that visitors walk through to enter the buidling. During normal operations, the security doors shown here will be closed. Visitors will have to enter through the office and obtain clearance to enter the building. During public events, such as athletic events, the doors will be open and people can walk though. The brick wall on the right is the current exterior gymnasium wall. 

    Grand entrance

    This is what a typical classroom space may look like. Furniture can be moved to suit the needs of each individual class.  The windows opening to the hallway feature blackout shades for use in security situations. Classroom

    Hallways will feature light wells and "relight" windows that open into clasrooms to break up the wall space and bring natural light into the building. Hallway space

    There will be several shared breakout open learning spaces in the building. breakout shared learning space

    The library will be moving into a space that is currently a large interior courtyard. It will feature exposed wood beams, and skylights that allow natural light into the room. The furniture can be moved to suit different needs. 


    In the commons, our designers at BCRA took advantage of an opportunity to showcase some of the beautiful natural wood in the structure. As in other spaces, skylights will allow natural light to flood the commons space. The expanded food service area will facilitate quicker meal service times. Commons

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  • Board Tours Elementary Sites

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 8/20/2018

    Members of our Board of Directors and Superintendent Davalos toured the construction sites at Fords Prairie and Jefferson Lincoln on August 20th. With exterior walls being raised, visible progress is easy to see each day at both schools!

    The walls are prefabricated on-site, with raising taking place in a sequience designed to shorten the constuction timeline. 

    Lori Fast at FP site

    Superintendent Mark Davalos

    Walls at Jefferson Lincoln

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  • Final Look at Current CHS Building

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 8/13/2018

    Graduates and members of the community got their final chance to visit Centralia High School as it currently exists on August 9th and 10th. The walking tours were arranged in response to requests to visit the building "one last time" before construction starts. 

    Crews have built a safety wall between the commons area and the academic wing, which will be under construction this year in Phase 1 of the modernization project. 

    Visitors take a look at plans for the modernized CHS

    Safety wall under construction

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  • "Slightly Ahead" of Schedule at JL & FP

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 7/17/2018

    Our project manager, David McBride informs us that work is "just slightly ahead of schedule" at Jefferson Lincoln and Fords Prairie. That's what we like to hear!

    Here's a few pictures of work in progress at Fords Prairie on July 17. 

    Construction work in progress

    Construction work in progress

    Construction work in progress

    Construction work in progress

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  • Pile Driving Work Begins at Jefferson Lincoln

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 6/1/2018

    The work to drive nearly 200 steel pilings at Jefferson Lincoln has begin. This step in construction is necessary to protect the new school building from potential liquefaction during an earthquake. The 12 inch wide steel structures are being driven deep into the earth, where the ground is more stable. 


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  • Updated Fords Prairie Aerial Image

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 5/22/2018

    Here's an updated aerial image from the Fords Prairie site. 

    Aerial image of Fords Prairie construction

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  • Updated Aerial Image of Jefferson Lincoln

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 5/22/2018

    Check out this cool aerial image of the new Jefferson Lincoln school site. You can see the building outline starting to take shape. 

    Aerial Image of Jefferson Lincoln Construction

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  • Temporary Housing at CHS Saves 12 months & $863,258

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 4/18/2018

    Eliminating the use of portable classrooms at Centralia High School is a priority goal of our modernization project. When the updated buidling is completed in 2020, portable classrooms will no longer be part of the facility. 

    In the interim, however,  more portable classrooms are being installed in the school parking lot to serve as temporary housing for classrooms during construction of the academic wing. Portables are a less-than-ideal solution for meeting the needs of long term facility capacity. In this case, however, their use offers some very clear benefits to our construction timeline and budget.

    An alternative plan would have seen temporary classrooms built in the gymnasium, commons, and classitorium. By moving temporary housing oustide of the building, we're able to shorten the construction timeline by 12 months, save $863,285, and improve safety for all involved. 

    A portable building is installed at CHS

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  • Proposed Color Palettes and Material Finishes for Elementary Schools

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/22/2018

    BCRA Architects presented proposed colors and material finishes for our two new elementary schools to our Board of Directors on March 22. 

    Click here to download the presentation in full (requires PDF reader)

    Jefferson Lincoln and Fords Prairie Front Views

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