• Pile Driving Work Begins at Jefferson Lincoln

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 6/1/2018

    The work to drive nearly 200 steel pilings at Jefferson Lincoln has begin. This step in construction is necessary to protect the new school building from potential liquefaction during an earthquake. The 12 inch wide steel structures are being driven deep into the earth, where the ground is more stable. 


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  • Updated Fords Prairie Aerial Image

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 5/22/2018

    Here's an updated aerial image from the Fords Prairie site. 

    Aerial image of Fords Prairie construction

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  • Updated Aerial Image of Jefferson Lincoln

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 5/22/2018

    Check out this cool aerial image of the new Jefferson Lincoln school site. You can see the building outline starting to take shape. 

    Aerial Image of Jefferson Lincoln Construction

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  • Temporary Housing at CHS Saves 12 months & $863,258

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 4/18/2018

    Eliminating the use of portable classrooms at Centralia High School is a priority goal of our modernization project. When the updated buidling is completed in 2020, portable classrooms will no longer be part of the facility. 

    In the interim, however,  more portable classrooms are being installed in the school parking lot to serve as temporary housing for classrooms during construction of the academic wing. Portables are a less-than-ideal solution for meeting the needs of long term facility capacity. In this case, however, their use offers some very clear benefits to our construction timeline and budget.

    An alternative plan would have seen temporary classrooms built in the gymnasium, commons, and classitorium. By moving temporary housing oustide of the building, we're able to shorten the construction timeline by 12 months, save $863,285, and improve safety for all involved. 

    A portable building is installed at CHS

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  • Proposed Color Palettes and Material Finishes for Elementary Schools

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/22/2018

    BCRA Architects presented proposed colors and material finishes for our two new elementary schools to our Board of Directors on March 22. 

    Click here to download the presentation in full (requires PDF reader)

    Jefferson Lincoln and Fords Prairie Front Views

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  • Schematic Plans for CHS Approved

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/21/2018 7:00:00 PM

    The Centralia School District Board of Directors approved the schematic design for the modernized Centralia High School at their March 21st meeting. The schematic is a “high level design that shows how program requirements will be addressed, what the layout of the building will be, and how space will be designated,” according to Anjie Collins, Assistant Project Manager for OAC Services, Inc. The plans do not include details like color palettes, material finishes (carpet, tile, etc.), or furniture layouts.

    The schematic includes sketches of what some interior and exterior spaces may look like upon completion. 

    The next step of the design process for Centralia High School is the design development phase. In this phase, details will be developed for items like the site plan, specifications for building construction, material selections, and descriptions of electrical and mechanical systems for the building. The project schedule will be updated and a detailed construction cost estimate will be finalized as well.

    Construction is scheduled to begin on the modernization of CHS in the Fall/Winter of 2018. Portable buildings to house classes during construction will be placed in the school’s south parking lot in April, making that lot unavailable for parking for the duration of construction.


    Schematic Site View of CHS Property

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  • Walk Through Videos of Elementary School Lobby Spaces

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/21/2018

    Take a look at these animations from BCRA, the architect for our elementary school projects. They give an idea of what the lobby spaces of the new Fords Prairie and Jefferson Lincoln elementary schools will look like when completed!

    Jefferson Lincoln Lobby 

    Fords Prairie Lobby 

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  • District Commits to Full-Size Gyms at Elementary Schools

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 3/21/2018

    The Centralia School District has fully committed to the construction of full size gymnasiums at the replacements for Fords Prairie and Jefferson Lincoln elementary schools.

    “We had some significant impacts on our project budget for the two new schools due to some unforeseen conditions at the Jefferson Lincoln site in particular,” said Superintendent Mark Davalos. Those additional costs originally caused the district to move the gymnasium portion of each building into an alternate bid situation. “We promoted full size gymnasiums as an important part of a high-functioning, modern school building during our bond campaign. It was important to us that we find a way to keep these portions of the buildings even when we face higher than expected construction costs,” said Davalos. “I’m very proud that we’ve been able to come to a solution that will help us build these modern schools that we hope will become neighborhood centers in our community.”

    The gymnasiums at each school will be separate from the facilities’ multipurpose rooms. They will be larger than the multipurpose spaces each school currently utilizes for physical education, assemblies, meal services, and other functions.

    Construction activity will begin as soon as May at each school. At Jefferson Lincoln, pilings must be driven deep into the ground to support the building’s foundation due to soil conditions at the property. Safety and security fencing will soon be erected at each site as well. “We have a tight timeline, and we want these buildings to open on time in 2019, so we’re going to start taking steps to get the sites ready for construction,” said Davalos.

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  • Student Input Solicited in Elementary Designs

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 2/2/2018

    We love that our elementary architect, BCRA, is even soliciting input from students about the design of the new elementary schools! These student council members at Washington Elementary may be among the students who attend one of the new schools. They're sharing info with BCRA about their ideal school experience. Some students are even being asked to submit sketches.

    Our design leadership teams are taking a very thoughtful and intentional approach to the designs of these schools. We want to be sure that all stakeholders' voices are heard. 

    Students at Washington work on BCRA worksheet

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  • Plans Unveiled for Modernized CHS

    Posted by Ed Petersen on 1/11/2018

    Preliminary plans for a modernized Centralia High School were released and shown to the public on January 8th. The plans demonstrate sweeping changes to the facility as part of a modernization project approved by voters in 2017.

    drawing showing the front of CHS

    One of the first changes that will be visible from the outside is a new entry and improved pedestrian access. The existing entry courtyard will be enclosed to make space for offices and to provide a new gym entry. A covered walkway will help freshen the exterior. Click here to view a full size version of this image

    Floor plan for the modernized school

    Dramatic changes are planned for the interior, resulting in about 11 new classrooms, without dramatically expanding the building footprint. The classrooms will be larger than current rooms. This is accomplished by enclosing existing courtyards. The library will be relocated to a space that is now a courtyard, and new STEM classrooms will occupy the space it vacates. Perhaps most noticeable will be changes to the commons area. The senior deck and pit will be removed. This area will become our new performing arts center with seating for up to 500. That room will open to a new commons area that takes the space currently occupied by the classitorium. Floors throughout the building will be leveled to improve ADA compliance. More restrooms will be available for student and staff use. 

    Natural light fixtures will be added to help improve lighting conditions in the building. 

    We are proposing the addition of an alternate gym, weight room, and classroom. These features are proposed bid alternates. They will be bid separately from the rest of the project. Click here to view a full size version of the floor plan

    Students will occupy portable classrooms during phase 1 of construction, during which the academic wing will be modernized. If all goes according to plan, this arrangement will only last for one year, with students returning to a new academic wing in the fall of 2019. Crews will then work on the modernization of the rest of the facility, with completion anticipated in the fall of 2020. 

    site plan for CHS

    This image shows the plan for the site during/after construction. Portable clasrooms will be placed in a portion of the existing parking lot. Existing portables will also continue to be used during construction. 

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