• Construction was completed on the Centralia Junior High School buildings in 1958.  Dedication ceremonies were held on September 12, 1958.  All students in grades 7, 8, and 9 attended classes in the new junior high school.
    A new high school, located at the intersection of Borst Avenue and Eshom Road on Fords Prairie, was dedicated on October 17, 1969.   The ninth grade was moved to the new building (the junior high retained the seventh and eighth grades only). 

    The original Centralia Junior High facility consisted of four separate buildings connected by covered walkways.   Modernization, started in January 1987, eliminated the walkways and connected the separate elements creating one building.  The center section of the new school is known as the commons and contains administration offices, student lockers, a dining area and stage.  A new library was also added between two classroom wings (the old A and B buildings).  A courtyard was created between the commons and library which provides bench seating for outdoor student gatherings and a sound buffer between library study areas and the more active student areas.  The school featured all new mechanical and electrical systems, dropped ceilings, carpeted classrooms and a fire sprinkler system.  Exterior updates included a new brick facade, an arched main entry and double glazed windows.   

    While the commons area and the former A Hall were being remodeled, students and office staff were housed in six portables set up on the west side of the B Hall.  Students continued to occupy B Hall until June of 1987. 

    In September 1987, middle school students were moved into the new Centralia Middle School facility.