• Centralia Middle School Supply List

    School supplies needed for everyday use:

    3 ring binder complete with - Dividers for at least 5 subjects

    Pencil pouch (stored in binder)



    Notebook paper (college rule)

    Please replenish these supplies regularly!

    Students will also need

    2 pairs of earbuds for testing in ELA and Math classes. (1 pair will be stored in each classroom.)

    3 compositions books (1 each for Science, ELA, and Reading)

    2 spiral notebook (for Health and History)


    Colored Pencils

    Kleenex, 2 boxes (please give to 1st period teacher or front office)

    7th grade students need an additional 2 inch binder for their ELA class


    All students will be in PE and need to dress down.


    Shorts or sweat pants

    Athletic shoes

    Stick deodorant

    Lock for PE Locker (to keep items safe in locker room)

    Practicing combination locks at home can help build confidence for using the combinations locks at school. Backpacks are not allowed in classroom. They must be stored in lockers. Cinch sacks or smaller backpacks work best.  Please speak with your student regarding PE lockers and encourage them to always lock up thier personal blongings for safe keeping.