• Centralia School District Special Education

    Vision: The Centralia School District Special Education Department is part of the district learning community sharing in the responsibility to provide every student access to core curriculum with high quality, rigorous, individualized instruction. We develop and demonstrate practices that embrace the diversity brought to the classroom by each student. We prepare students who receive special education services for post-secondary education/training, employment and independent living with all decisions reflective of our Core Beliefs.
    Core Beliefs:
    All students receiving special education services are general education students who:
    • Receive collaborative instruction in the least restrictive environment appropriate to their individual needs.
    • Have opportunities for highly effective, specific, specially designed instruction designed to close the achievement gap.
    • Have access to high quality, rigorous,individualized instruction delivered by teams that receive collaborative professional development.
    • Are valued for the diversity they bring to the classroom.
    • Are provided service in compliance with special education law, rules and regulations.

    Tammie Jensen-Tabor - Executive Director of Special Services
    Jillian Martin- Administrative Assistant to Executive Director of Special Services
    Jeannie Woodrow - Special Services Secretary
    Julie Athens - Special Services Education Specialist
    Special Services Phone: 360-330-7601
    Special Services Fax: 360-827-6420
    Please fax all Special Education records requests to 360.827.6420