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    Welcome to the Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Cooperative home page. We are privileged to provide student transportation for both Centralia and Chehalis School Districts. The goal of our Department is to support the academic achievement of our students by providing for the safe operation of school transportation services. Students are our top priority and we do everything possible to ensure their safety.

    As a transportation cooperative, we have a team of talented mechanics and shop personnel that not only service Centralia bus and motor pool fleets, but also provide services for 10 other schools districts and up to 14 local government municipality entities, such as fire districts. Our staff are highly qualified and certified to ensure that all vehicles serviced from our facility meet stringent federal and state regulations and inspections.

    We hope the information and links provided on this site provide you with information and resources for continued use.

    Our Mission
    Is to deliver students safely to their destinations on time and in a frame of mind ready to learn.
    Our Purpose
    Is to provide safe and efficient transportation to daily instructional classes and extra-curricular activities.  
    Our Motto
    First in the morning, last at night 
    We Value
    • Safety First
    • Excellence
    • Commitment
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Measured Results 
    Director of Transportation: Gibb Kingsley
    Assistant Director of Transportation: Dale Dunham
    Secretary/Book Keeper: Chelsea Hamilton
    Router/Dispatcher: Anne Snyder
    Router/Dispatcher: Tabatha Fenton
    Shop Lead:  Brian Moorhead 
    Centralia Office:  360-330-7628
    Chehalis Satellite Office: 360-807-7214