Formal chromebook pickup ends 4/17/20.

    If you still need a device please reach out to your school and they'll get you hooked up!

    If you already requested one and haven't recieved it yet we'll be in touch to get it delivered or to arrange a pickup time.  

    NOTE: CHROMEBOOKS REQUIRE INTERNET TO SIGN IN If you can sign in once while teathered to a phone or on public wifi then you'll be able to sign in offline the next time, but features will be limited.

    At this time CSD has no ability to provide wifi hot spots to those who have expressed a need for them. We are considering our options, but the options are limited.

    Detailed instructions of how to sign into a Chromebook are here: Sigining into a district Chromebook

    Teaching with Technology

    Centralia School District is striving to provide students the tools they need to be successful in 21st century careers. It is often stated that many, if not most, of the jobs that today’s students will have once they leave school haven’t even been created yet, but we know each job will be reliant on technology in some way.

    To engage students in learning and to provide them with the skills to succeed once they leave our district, CSD knows teachers must use technology as an integral part of their teaching strategies for differentiated learning. The IT Department, in collaboration with Curriculum and the Teaching and Learning Coaches, is assisting teachers as they begin to adopt and incorporate Washington’s Ed-Tech standards into their classrooms.

    If you’re curious as to the Ed-Tech standards adopted by Washington state in 2018 you’ll find some great information on OSPI’s Educational Technology Website here.


    Contact Information
    If you're having a tech crisis please put in a work order at our district help page (this link is also available in your Google Chrome bookmarks bar in the CSD Links folder). 
    If you need to get in touch for other reasons please email as our team is rarely at our desks and checks voicemail infrequently through the day!  

    Ayla Abbott
    Director of Technology
    email Ayla

    Tracey Lytle
    Computer Technician

    John Murray
    Network Administrator
    Levi Rodriguez
    Computer Technician