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    Centralia Music Programs
    Centralia School District has a comprehensive music program for grades K-12 with eight certificated music teachers whose specialization is in general, instrumental, and choral music.

    At the primary elementary schools (K-3rd grades) students receive general music instruction for half of the school year with physical education during the other half.

    Students attending the intermediate elementary schools (4th–6th grades) expand on the general music instruction. Students at the 4th grade level also have the option to learn a stringed instrument (violin, viola, or cello). In 5th grade, students receive music instruction in an ensemble setting. Choices for these students include choir, strings, and woodwind band (clarinet or flute) or brass band (trumpet or trombone). At the 6th grade level students may expand on their 5th grade choices or choose a second year instrument (tuba, baritone horn, French horn, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, oboe, or percussion) or a first year instrument (clarinet, flute, trumpet, or trombone).

    Centralia Middle School -  7th grade and 8th grade students are offered choir, symphonic band, jazz band, concert band, orchestra and guitar classes. Students are placed in the band classes based on their instrumentation needs.

    Centralia High School students (9th-12th grades) may enroll in symphonic choir, jazz choir, concert choir, girls choir, orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz band, and concert band.

    Competitions, contests, concerts and preformances are scheduled throughout the school year. Take a listen as our CHS choir performs during a recent rehearsal

    For a complete list of events, please see our district music calendar by selecting the calendar button to the left.

    Please feel free to contact our music staff with any questions that you may have by clicking on their name listed below.

    Primary (K-3rd grade)

    Fords Prairie – Linda Minor

    Jefferson Lincoln – Linda Minor

    Intermediate(4th–6th grades)

    Washington and Oakview

    4th  Grade Oakview General Music - Michael Green

    4th Grade Washington General Music - Marissa Lee

    4th, 5th and  6th Grade Strings– Rebecca Gage

    5th and 6th Grade Choir - Michael Green

    5th and 6th Grade Choir - Marissa Lee

    5th and 6th Grade Woodwind Bands – Joe Blaser

    5th and 6th Grade Brass Bands – Louie Blaser

    Centralia Middle School (7th–8th grades)

    Choir – Lauri Johnson

    Orchestra – Rebecca Gage

    Band – Joe Blaser

    Centralia High School (9th – 12th grades)

    Choir ClassesLauri Johnson

    -Concert Choir (grades 9-12)

    · Girls' Choir  (grades 9-12 must audition)

    ·  Jazz Choir (grades 9-12 must audition)

    · Symphonic Choir (grades 9-12 must audition)

    Band ClassesLouie Blaser

    ·  Concert Band (primary 9th graders)

    · Wind Ensemble (grades 10-12)

    · Jazz Band (grades 9-12)

    Orchestra ClassesRebecca Gage

    · Orchestra (grades 9-12 teacher approval)

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