Superintendent's Message

  • Spring 2018

    Here are some facts to ponder: The last significant school construction in Centralia was 30 years ago when Centralia Middle School and Edison were modernized. The last new school in our city was built 50 years ago - that was Centralia High School. The average age of our elementary schools is around 70 years (Edison turns 100 this year). Those are big numbers in terms of school lifespan. All of those numbers are changing for the better starting this Spring.

    I was proud to preside over groundbreaking ceremonies for our two new elementary schools in May. These will be modern facilities with well-sized classrooms, STEM learning spaces, libraries, and gymnasiums. The new Fords Prairie and Jefferson Lincoln schools will open in the fall of 2019.
    At CHS, we’re building the portable complex that will house classrooms during the modernization there. Students will return to a modern and enhanced educational wing in September 2019. The full project will be completed in 2020.

    These exciting developments for our facilities dovetail nicely with new partnerships we’re forging in our community. Thanks to a $2 million TransAlta grant to the Centralia Community Foundation we are now collaborating with the BERC Group. Every classroom in our district recently had an individual observation/review. The data gathered will lead to recommendations that form a road map to success in our schools.

    Local investment in schools doesn’t just mean supporting bonds and levies (though we’re grateful). Civic organizations down the line to individuals who volunteer in classrooms make a positive impact on learning.

    We hope you won’t mind the increased activity around our school sites over the next couple of years. The end result will be worth it!

Last Modified on May 18, 2018