Dr. Lisa Grant

    Dear Centralia Families, Staff, and Community Members:

    I am honored and excited to serve as your new Superintendent for Centralia School District. The school district has the opportunity and the responsibility to serve the students of our community.  We have the potential to change the life and the future of each and every child.  The possibilities are endless if we create an environment that fosters excellence.  Working together, we can achieve that environment for our students.  It is both an awesome and honorable responsibility.

    While we have challenges and needed improvements, working together, we can overcome and conquer anything we face. It won’t be easy, but it is worthy work and our students deserve our very best effort.  I pledge to work relentlessly and collaboratively toward the success of our students and the continual improvement of our district.

    We need our community to ensure the success for every child in our community.  As a district, we want to partner with you to serve our students.  Please join us and help us create an exceptional school district that gives each and every student the opportunity for success and the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.  We have the honor and privilege of creating a learning environment focused on continual improvement and growth, preparing our students for life, and to contribute to our community.

    We have an exceptional generation of children in our schools today, and they should expect nothing short of excellence from all of us. I am committed to the Centralia community and the students of the Centralia School District. I look forward to working with parents, business and community leaders, and our elected officials to make our school district and our community the best it can be.


    Lisa Grant,