Welcome to  CMS Athletics
    CMS clears athletes using a convenient online athletic clearance process provided by Rank One Sport.  Clearance forms can be completed online at rankonesport.com.  After completing the online clearance forms stop by our ASB office to pay sports fees and turn in your sports physical.


    Requirements for participation


       Rank One online clearance forms.


           ASB card and sticker  $20

           Sports fee  $30    $35 for football

           Academic standards

         •       Students with more than one “F” will be placed on probation. (7 days to improve)

           No tobacco, alcohol, or drug use.


    Important information


           CMS has a no-cut policy.

           Practice lasts 1 ½ hours

          •       After school  3 – 4:30

           Away trips do not stop for food.  Students must bring food to eat.

           Keep valuables at home.

           The number of teams will be determined by the number of athletes.

           Suspensions will exclude athletes from practice and games.


    Parent responsibility


           Please pick your child up promptly from practice and games.

         •        Schedules will show approximate return times for away games.

           Please supervise smaller children at games.

           Please report any behaviors that are inappropriate at games to the supervisor.

           No food or drink is allowed in the gym.  (Drinking water is okay)

Last Modified on August 17, 2016