• Washington’s education funding model leaves a gap between what the state funds for education and what our students in Centralia need for success. Local school levies are voter-approved sources of funding that are on the ballot every 2-4 years. We collect local levy revenue through a tax on properties in our school district boundaries. The current rate per $1,000 in property value is $1.50, which was the current legal maximum for our district during the last election cycle. 

    The funding we receive from local levies stays in Centralia. We are able to use these funds as enhancements to the basic education funding provided by the state. Levy funds help us keep class sizes comparatively low, provide extra funding for music and arts, support athletics, help provide full-time counselors at each elementary school, provide professional development opportunities and much, much more.

    Voters approved the current CSD Enhancements & Operations levy in February 2018. The state has raised the limit on local levies to $2.50 per $1,000 in property value, however the district receives no addional funduing unless voters approve a new levy at a higher rate. 

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