• All 10th graders will take the SBAC ELA and math assessments.

    All 11th graders will take the WCAS science assessment.

    All 11th and 12th graders needing to pass the SBAC ELA and/or math assessments for their graduation pathway will also take the assessments.

    State Testing

    Spring 2023 testing at FHS will be on:

    Monday, May 22 - SBAC ELA assessment;

    Tuesday, May 23 - SBAC Math assessment;

    Wednesday, May 24 - WCAS Science assessment - 11th graders only;

    Make-up assessments until your student is done after May 24th.

    ALL students taking an assessment must be at Futurus High School before 8am on each day. Students not taking an assessment on the particular day still attends per their scheduled time.

    We offer, to all students, the opportunity, as students who score a level 3 or 4 on the high school SBAC qualify for placement in a college level English and math courses at Washington public two and four year post-secondary institutions. It doesn’t hurt the student in any way to take the assessments.

    Here is the link to the State of Washington website on state testing.