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    "Your practical limitation on collective bargaining is your ability to fund compensation increases in the short-term AND your ability to sustain those increases. Not every district will have an equal opportunity to provide compensation increases with double-digit percentages." 

    Chris Reykdal, State Superintendent of Public Instruction August 22, 2018 letter to superintendents

    "Lawmakers approved a massive increase in state funding for education. But much of that money — billions, in fact, over the next few years — is designed to replace the local property taxes that for too long have been propping up the state’s failure to amply fund schools."

    The Seattle Times

    "When lawmakers overhauled the state’s education budget, they were well aware they were setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to the most chaotic summer of teacher-contract negotiations in recent memory."

    The Seattle Times

    "Some districts benefit greatly from salary and levy model changes while others may not. This funding variability and the fact that, for just one year, districts will see an inadvertent funding surplus, makes it difficult for shareholders in some districts to develop responsible, sustainable budgets."

    The Spokesman Review (Spokane)