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    CHS Counseling Center! 

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    (New FAX Number August 2018) 360-330-7613 Fax


    For students in need of translation services and/or interpretation please know that we have staffs available, on campus, for these services. Please request services in the counseling center or directly with your counselor.

    Para los estudiantes que necesitan servicios de traducción y / o interpretación, sepan que contamos con personal disponible, en el campus, para estos servicios. Solicite servicios en el centro de asesoramiento o directamente con su consejero.

    Construction Impacts for the end of the year (June 2019) in the Counseling Center!

    Because of construction and moving, June, July and August will be a very tough month for any kind of communication except via email in the CHS counseling center. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but we do not want to miss any of you!


    Counselors are moving and will be out of the admin portable by the end of school on June 21st.  We will most likely not return to the office at all until mid-August, 2019, when we are moving into the new high school. However, we will be answering emails.

    Again, published counselor direct phones most likely will not be working effectively, and Email will be the best way to contact us.

    TRANSCRIPTS FOR STUDENTS: For final transcripts being sent to your college, please contact via email Mrs. Morley or Mrs. Wiseman, with an email contact for the college you wish to send them to. Sending transcripts via mail is not recommended. After June 28th please contact Jodi Trianna.

    Teresa Morley, registrar, will be in the office Monday- Wednesday and Friday of the week of June 24- 28th, with the approximate hours of 8-12 and 1-3.  Email her at teresamorley@centralia.wednet.edu, with any questions. Mrs. Morley will be mailing report cards home after June 28th .

    Julie Wiseman jwiseman@centralia.wednet.edu, will be here two contracted days after school is out June, 24 and 25 in the counseling center, with the approximate hours of 8-12 and 1-3.

    GRAD COORDINATOR: Nikki Brattain, Graduation Coordinator, will be available by appointment only and by email for about ten work days after school is over. She will attend summer school.

    GENERAL CONTACT: Contact Jodi Triana or her designee for questions at the main office line 360-330-7609, jtriana@centralia.wednet.edu     

    SUMMER SCHOOL: Limited Summer school for only SENIORS CLASS OF 2019 will be going on for a few days; Email Lance Ulrigg, summer school director, at; lulrigg@centralia.wednet.edu for more details about location, times and who qualifies. Summer school for the classes of 2020 through 2022 will take place in the fall most likely under a fall credit retrieval model. Stay tuned for more details.

    NEW STUDENT (for 2019-20) ONLINE ENROLLMENT: August 26th, 27 and 29th from 8.00AM-11:30 and 1.00PM to 2:30PM. Registrar, secretary and counselors will be available for you.

    PERSONALIZED PATHWAYS [PPR]: Incoming 9th graders, [Class of 2023] will be meeting with counselors by appointment for a one-on-one appointment to talk about Career & College Readiness and Choices, transitions to CHS, and more details.  CHS Counselors will contact parents of the class of 2023 regarding these popular meetings during August 19, 20, 21, & 23 from 8.00-3.00PM.


    2019 Summer Counseling Contact


    2019 Summer Couns Cal




     Hello, Seniors...Class of 2019

    Please find the senior letter below.  It has all of the amazing activities, celebrations, deadlines and more for April-June.  Check it out!

    Senior Letter: 2019 Senior Letter

    Seniors: Do you check your email and Skyward Account?

    There will be many opportunities to see valuable information in the future by checking your email. Please check your CentraliaSchools email often!

    You can miss out on valuable financial gains and scholarships if you do not check your emails!

    In the future (after you graduate from CHS), you should also have a professional email that you use for professional correspondance such as college applications, scholarships and other professional correspondance.

    The new email should be:

    • Checked twice a week

    • A professional address, like: lastname.firstname some numbers @ gmail, icloud or outlook, etc.

    You can miss out on valuable financial gains and scholarships if you do not check your emails!



    Your counseling team wants you to be here everyday! The more you are here, the more you know!

    Please be at school unless you are ill enough to see a doctor. #SchoolEveryDay


    Remind is a texting and messaging service students and parents can subscribe to.  Carrier rates for texting apply. However, if you would like to subscribe to any of our Remind accounts in the counseling center, they are as follows:
    College and Career Information: Text the message: @col101 to 81010
    Running Start:  Text the message: @RST1314 to 81010
    College Bound Scholarship: Text the message: @cbchs to 81010

    Welcome to the Centralia High School Counseling Center.
    We are here to serve you school days from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.The counselors are here to help the development of each student in academic, personal and social domains.
    Contact Mrs. Teresa Morley, counseling secretary and registrar at 360-330-7609 to help answer your initial questions. You may email her at teresamorley@centralia.wednet.edu.   Acting as registrar, Mrs.Morley is your CHS contact for transcripts, records and data needs. Mrs. Wiseman, counseling secretary, will help you with Skyward Logins, name and address changes, access to each individual counselor, and help with documents.
    For Skyward Login and Password Information, See this document: Skyward Access Document
    Did you know there is a Skyward, Inc.  App for your smart phone? Download from your phone vendor, install the app, use your phone for basic Skyward data retrieval.
    The counseling center is full of other resources that can help you enroll in Centralia High School, help plan high school coursework and beyond, help in a crisis and encourage students' development in other ways. To see who can help you, please look at this table of core responsibilities for the counseling center and career center.
          Counseling Center
    Who can help you. . . School counselors for grade 10-12 are Mr. Jim Parker, Mrs. Rebecca Green, and Ms. Michael VanBuskirk, and they will support you in your endeavor to graduate and find success.  Students in grade 10-12 are assigned to a counselor alphabetically based on their last name starting with A-G who are assigned to Mr. Parker, H-O are assigned to Mrs. Green and P-Z are assigned to Ms. VanBuskirk. Jessica Boeck is our counseling expert with grade 9 students and works with our Learning Support Team in partnership with Mr. McLeod as their teacher. 
    New in 2018-19! We have added Mrs. Lisa Wilson to our staff as a career and college readiness counselor! See Mrs. Wilson for any and all things career and college ready! liwilson@centralia.wednet.edu
     Peggy Floyd is currently our health room nurse.  If you would like to contact the nurses office with a medication issue, get help, or to communicate about a student, please call 330-7605 x 6116.
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