Here's how to log into i-Ready so you can practice at home!

  • Google Chrome will have to be loaded on the computer. Go to download Google Chrome.  It shouldn’t take long and is free. The website should walk you through the process.


    Logging on to Google Chrome

    1. Find the Google Chrome Icon either on the desktop (where most should be) or in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Double click on it. This will launch the Chrome browser.
    2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a blue rectangle that says Sign In in white letters. Click there.
    3. A new screen will load with 2 empty fields on it. Where it says username, students will have to type their full username, ex:    
    4. Chrome on the computers will not save the part of our usernames and every time we log on to Chrome from there we will have to put it in. That is if we haven't checked the Remember me box. This should only be done if you are the only one who uses the computer or have your own user on a shared computer.
    5. In the Password field, type the password we’ve been using for logging on the Chromebooks. ex. csd01234
    6. The page should look much like a Chromebook from here.  Students will have access to any bookmarks they have saved. They also have access to their Google drive and anything they have saved there.

    These instructions will work on any computer that has Google Chrome loaded on it, including students’ home computers, computers at the library, both ours and the public, or any other computer in the world.


    In order for you to access i-Ready, you will have to log in to Remember you have to be logged in to Google for this.

    1. Type in the address bar at the top of the screen in Google. If you aren’t tech savvy, it’s that white bar toward the top of the screen under the tabs.
    2. The login page for will come up and will ask you to login using your Google account. All you have to do is click on Log in with Google. It should keep that information for each time you use, but it might not.  Just click in the same spot each time.
    3. may ask you to choose an account.  You will need to click on your name and then you will be in.
    4.’s app dashboard will pop up once you have logged in. From here you have access to CSD approved sites. All you have to do is click on the site you want to go to and will log you in. I-Ready will not work without Most of the other sites listed will work without