Superintendent's Message

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    The 2017-18 school year is off to a wonderful beginning. Schools were well prepared to welcome this year’s students and families to another great year for Centralia Schools. The summer was busy with hiring, cleaning, meetings, professional development and preparations for learning. Thank you, everyone, for the hard work put in to start the new school year.

    I am always excited to see our students and families begin the school year. Teachers and students are learning the daily structures and routines that makes best use of the learning time we have each day. One new addition is the lengthening of the day for primary and middle schools. That extra time will be so helpful for learning time and instruction.

    Now that routines are understood, the important work begins…learning. Our teachers are fantastic! They work hard and intelligently. They have invested much time learning new strategies, assessment tools, a new math program and how to successfully work together better as teams. I am excited about the professionalism I see growing and improving daily. Staff are truly dedicated to making our students’ lives better and more productive.

    We have several new administrators and many new teachers. We all lend a helping hand to our new staff so that they are supported and given every opportunity to succeed. Please get to know your students’ school staff well…they are your colleagues working to help your student(s).

    This is my third year as Superintendent and my hopes are high. We have invested in technology, materials and professional development. I predict we will now see a rise in student outcomes. Our students can learn and our teachers can teach! We will make a difference.

    Parents, you can do much to help your children do well in school. Sleeping well and being learning-ready for school is important for each child’s attitude and success. There will be colds and flu that will require some recovery time at home. Otherwise, daily attendance is so important to overall progress. Our attendance rates can be improved. We must all work together to get healthy kids to school every day. Together, we can make a difference in your child’s future. Welcome to a great school year!

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    Mark Davalos was hired as Superintendent of the Centralia School District in 2015.