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    In October, students will be immersed in an interdisciplinary study of the Native Americans that once lived in what is now Washington State.  We will develop our reading and social studies skills by researching information about Washington Tribes.  We will also read many Native legends.  Each student will select one legend to learn in depth.  We will learn the skills of storytelling and students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills by telling their legend to classmates.  Students will explore the visual art forms of the Northwest Indians.  They will also learn a few Native games and dances.
    Potlatch Dancers
    A culmination of our study is the class Potlatch.  Students will hold a mini-potlatch which will include the traditional elements of storytelling, dancing, gift-giving, and feasting.  Storytellers wear the class's special button blanket while telling their legend.  Each student contributes to the blanket (exquisitely designed by Mrs. Pierce) by sewing on one button. 
    Button Blanket
    The conclusion of our potlatch includes feasting.  Each student is invited to bring a traditional food to share with classmates, parents, and guests. Some favorite foods to taste are smoked salmon, berries, nuts, seeds, shrimp, and even smoked oysters! 
    Gift Giving
    Have your student practice reading and telling his Indian Legend to the family at home.
    Plan to attend the class potlatch.  (This is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 27th at 1:00 pm.)
    Take a family field trip to Ridgefield, Washington to see a replica of a Chinook Plankhouse. More information on the website listed below.
Last Modified on August 12, 2011