• McKinney Vento Homeless Law

    As part of the No Child Left Behind Act, provisions have been made to ensure that homeless students have no barriers to getting an education comparable with any other students. Education is the key to students being able to change their lives, and certainly for homeless students, we want to work to see that they have an equal chance at obtaining their education.

    The act defines a homeless student as someone who doesn’t have a "fixed, regular or adequate place to live," including crowding too many people in a living space, such as doubling up with friends or relatives because you cannot find or afford housing. Students are included as homeless who spend the night in a place not meant for regular sleeping such as an abandoned building, on the street, trailer, campground, tent, car, or other inadequate shelter.

    If a student fits the definition of homeless, the school will work to assist them in removing barriers that might prevent them from getting their education. Anyone who feels their child may qualify as homeless should contact your school’s counselor who is the school’s homeless liaison. Anyone who feels their child may become homeless by this definition due to substance or spousal abuse in the family, divorce, lost employment, or any other reason should also contact the school’s counselor.

    You can also check the building’s parent/student handbook for a more extensive definition of homeless and benefits that apply. The school district homeless liaison is James Bowers, for more information please call (360) 827-6430.