• Integrated Pest Management Program

    Dear Parent, Guardian, or CSD Employee:


    The Centralia School District has an active Integrated Pest Management Program designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students, staff and users of the properties. Pesticide applications (including insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and fungicides) are limited in our schools and are only taken when thresholds are reached that are unacceptable and can adversely impact the school environment. The applications maybe performed in or on school structures or on school grounds such as playfields, classroom, greenhouses, etc. Key elements of the program are identified below:


    • All pesticide applications made to District sites will be under the direction of a Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) licensed pest control applicator or operator, or a licensed CSD operator. Unauthorized facility and staff are not permitted to use their own pesticide products at any school site or facility.


    • The District will establish a registration system to notify parents, staff and students, who express an interest, of proposed applications. A "Request for Notification" form is available at the district office or at your school office. Notices will be given to registered individuals 48 hours in advance of any application (indoor, structure, grounds) or on the day preceding a weekend.


    • Prenotification requirements do not apply to any emergency applications at need to be immediately applied or if the school grounds or facilities will not be occupied for two days following the application. When an emergency application is made, notification consistent with the registration system shall occur as soon as possible.


    • For indoor and structure applications, a pre-notification posting will be displayed at a prominent place at the site of the application, 48 hours in advance of the application. However, this pre-notification posting will not occur if the school is not occupied by students for at least two consecutive days after the application.


    • For outdoor/grounds applications, signs will be posted at the time of application. These signs will be posted at the location of the application and at primary points of entry. The signs will remain for 48 hours after an application has been completed. The District will not require that a sign be replace if the original has been removed or destroyed.