• Course Syllabus and Grading Scale

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    Physical Education

    Mr. Penman


    Fitness Activities & Lectures

    Nutrition Activitites & Lectures

    Various Court and Field Games


    Class Rules
    General Behavior
    • Students are expected to follow class rules and procedures as applies to class management (attendance, makeup, discipline procedures/consequences, respect for class instructors
    • Students will demonstrate respect for one another
    • Students are expected to exhibit “Good Sportsmanship” at all times
    • Students are expected to represent Centralia High School in an appropriate manner when out in the community
    • Students are to ask for help whenever they feel it necessary
    • Students are expected to be courteous at all times
    • Students are expected to expend maximum effort during the class activity realizing that this is one half of the student’s grade (the other half being attendance)
    • Students are expected to be aware of the exits to be used in the event of a fire drill or actual emergency
    • It is hoped that students will not only learn, but that they will have fun doing so
    • Don’t bring expensive items or large sums of money to class


     Dress Code

    • T-Shirt or sweat shirt (inappropriate comments, or graphics will not be tolerated)
    • Shorts or sweat pants (jean cut-off are not appropriate)
    • Court shoes must be worn and tied or secured
    • No hanging jewelry (finger through loop
    • No nylons under shorts
    • No head coverings


    Locker room
    • Students are given at least four minutes to change after the tardy bell rings for the school
    • Students are expected to respect the rights and property of others and be responsible for their own property
    • Students will take responsibility to care for equipment and facilities used during class
    • Students are not to bring food or drink into the locker room or gym
    • Students are to lock up their belongings during class time
    • Students are expected to use school towels and leave them in the proper bin after usage


    Health & Safety
    • Students will adhere to safety procedures as set forth by the instructor
    • Students are to inform the instructor if they are ill or have been injured
    • Students are to participate daily unless excused by parent/guardian/physician
    • Students are expected to inform their teacher of any medical problems they might have, or any medication they are taking


    Grading Procedures

    • Students are to be on time at the beginning of class and stay until dismissed by the instructor
    • Students are to assume the responsibility for their attendance and admit slips to class (a student will not be allowed back into class after an absence unless they have a note)
    • Attendance is half of your grade
    • You must attend class 80% or more to obtain credit.
    When a student is absent it is there responsibility to complete a make-up day.  If a Tuesday or Thursday is missed the student must do a fitness day make-up.  This can be done during study hall or after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  If the student misses an activity day the have the option of going in before school on Tuesday or Friday.  This information is posted on the locker room doors.

    You cannot have more than 12 days absence forany reason during the quarter and receive credit in this class.  Any excused absence that falls within the 12days absence can be made up for full credit. Points lost due to any unexcusedoccurrence are permanently lost.

    • Participation is half of your grade
    • Grading will be based on unit skill tests, fitness day performances, warm up, and attitude (as addressed in the General Behavior section)
    • Each day ten points will be assigned for this half of your grade


    General Information
    • Points will be averaged between the two quarters for a determination of a semester grade
    • If a student fails the first quarter of physical education but shows marked improvement the second quarter, even though the two quarters are averaged and the required points not obtained, said student will receive one-quarter credit.
    • Students excused from physical education due to an injury or illness, exceeding the necessary points to receive credit, will upon doctor’s notification receive a medical waiver from physical for the quarter. (This waiver does not provide a P.E. credit, the credit will still need to be made up unless the principal waives the credit)


    Class Format

              Studentsmust be in the gym before the instructor closes the gym door.  The instructor will go by each locker roomand give a warning.  If the student doesnot make it then they will be considered tardy and are to go to the planningroom as they are dressed.  At the end ofthe period they will be excused to change. As students enter the gym they are to begin an easy jog/walk around theoutside of the gym.  After a short periodof time students will get into their assigned position on the floor forattendance, warm-up, and instruction.

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