2022 Future Chef Competition Hosted by Sodexo

  • The Future Chef event hosted by Sodexo Wednesday, March 23, was a huge success!
    Special thanks to our judges, Tami Grubs and Julie Iverson, for taking time out of your evening to support our students. And to Marlene Lord, Betty Rivas, Roberta Sjoblom, and Heidi Rheaume for providing support, culinary expertise and encouragement to the student contestants.
    Photos by Mandi McDougall. Thank you!
    We had six contestants battle at their stations, creating culinary masterpieces:
    (1) 1st place winner: Elizabeth Snell (Edison Elementary) for Harry Potter Mini Pies
    (2) 2nd place winner: Justin Villa-Mason (Oakview Elementary) for Asian Rolls
    (3) 3rd place winner: Corbyn James Ross (Washington Elementary) for Mulan's Egg Fried Rice
    (4) Cat Crandall ( Oakview Elementary) for S'mores Banana Boats
    (5) Madison Reichert (Washington Elementary) for Arepas
    (6) Kaitlyn Bingisser (Jefferson Lincoln Elementary) for Mothers Carrot Cake