• Centralia School District- District Advisory Council (DAC)


    • Provide feedback and recommendations to advise the district regarding the district strategic plan and major initiatitives
    • Provies feedback for other required compliance processes and program reviews
    • Serves as a communication liaison between the district and community



    • Aimee Turner
    • Audra Messegee-Evans
    • Brittany Kindell
    • Cheryl Blum
    • Isis Albert
    • Joe Vetter
    • Kellie DeMonte
    • Lisa Grant
    • Larry McGee
    • Patty Dolezal
    • Melissa Sikel
    • Mike Stratton
    • Nicolette Luna
    • Susan Fox
    • Tabitha Whiting
    • Tammie Jensen-Tabor


    Member Responsibilities

    • Attend scheduled meetings
    • Actively participate
    • Share honestly and openly
    • Listen and work to understand other perspectives


    DAC Responsibilities and Expectations

    1. Serve in an advisory capacity to the District, offering perspectives and recommendations from multiple stakeholder groups.
    2. Provide feedback and recommendations to the district and Board regarding the Strategic Plan, district priorities, and other district programs and/or issues.
    3. Analyze data and develop recommendations for ongoing district improvement.
    4. Review the annual stakeholder survey and other district survey results.
    5. Publish minutes summarizing meetings, including major topics, discussion, and recommendations.
    6. Make presentations to the School Board.