• Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Levies

  • What is an Education Programs and Operations Replacement Levy?

  • What is Local Effort Assistance (LEA)?

  • What is a Levy Rate?

  • When did the current Levy expire?

  • What are we asking of the voters for this election?

  • How much will I pay?

  • If Approved, When Would This Levy Be Collected?

  • I am a senior citizen or disabled. Am I eligible for a tax break?

  • Because of the pandemic, does the District still need a levy?

  • How will Levy funds be used?

  • What can levy funds pay for?

  • Why do we vote on levies so frequently?

  • On our home taxes, I see there are two lines: Centralia SD normal and Centralia SD Bond-- Will the new levy replace both taxes, or will the new one be in addition to the "normal" charge?

  • What happens if the Levy fails again?

  • How much of the district's annual budget is made up of levy funds?

  • What are we asking the voters for this election?

    In Centralia School District, the proposed levy rate is $2.4 million in school year 2021-22 and $4.6 million in school year 2022-2023. The estimated cost to taxpayers is $1.50 per $1000 assessed value. 

    How will levy funds be used?

    Levy funds will be focused on improving outcomes for students. Expenditures in the 2021-2022 school year will focus on:

    Enhanced learning outcomes for all students

    • Intervention and student supports (elementary, MS, HS)
      • $500,000
    • Instructional Facilitators
      • $390,000
    • Special Education, 504 supports, Highly Capable services
      • $300,000
    • Curriculum Supports
      • $250,000
    • Technology supports
      • $160,000

    Programs and services that engage students with school and increase student success

    • Athletics and activities
      • $750,000
    • Music and Performing Arts
      • $250,000
    • Counseling Supports
      • $500,000

    Total   $3,100,00

    People have asked for specificity in the amounts to be spent on each funded levy item. There are many unknowns in the coming school year and we are still developing the strategic plan. We are committed to communicating on an ongoing basis how the funds are spent. The two areas of focus will remain. We will focus on things we know make a positive difference for students. 


Bond vs Levy