• Enroll in worksite learning

    • Do you have a job?

    • Are you at least 16 years of age?

    • Do you want to earn high school credit while you’re working?

    • See Mr. Bowers for more information.

    What is Worksite Learning?  Worksite Learning is an exciting program that affords students the opportunity to connect the knowledge and skills in the classroom to those needed in the work environment.

    • Worksite Learning students earn 0.5 high school credit for each 180 reported hours;
    • There is NO CLASS to ATTEND;
    • All students have to do is report their hours weekly and maintain paperwork;
    • A graded class that counts towards your GPA;
    • Hours of work must start after 3pm unless agreed upon by Mr. Bowers;
    • Worksite learning forms available in Mr. Bowers office;
    • Return completed forms to the Mr. Bowers


    James Bowers
    Worksite Learning Coordinator