• Thank you for helping our communications office share good news with our community! Media coverage includes the CSD website, CSD social media & press releases, etc. The Public Relations Coordinator makes all contact with the press for external coverage of events.

    Media Request Forms must be completed in full by the employee making the request. The PR Coordinator will consider the request and make necessary arrangements if approved. Staff requesting coverage should email photos and other necessary information to Brittany Kindell. Photos MUST be in .jpg format, and appropriately sized. Files of less than 400 KB may not be suitable for use. Student names should accompany each photo.

    Please allow at least one week of lead time before your event. Sufficient time is necessary to pitch your story idea to media outlets and for timely publication on district assets. Not ever story will be covered due to timing, scheduling demands, and the urgent needs of the district

Photography Tips

  • Even if the PR coordinator is unable to make it to your event, you can help by submitting information and photos. Most cellular phones are more than capable of capturing a photo that is adequate for publication online. Many are good enough for print publication as well. What really makes a photo work is the composition and subject matter. Here are some tips to help you capture quality images:

    • Compose the photo properly. Photos should be taken at the same level the action is occuring in most cases. Sometimes a high or low angle may be appropriate. Ensure that the subject of your photo is the clear point of focus.

    • Expose properly. It is difficult to fix over or under exposed images. Ensure they are properly exposed.

    • Make sure the subject is appropriate. Check your background and all the people in your image to make sure everythign in the photo is appropriate for a school setting. 

    • Take lots of photos! Variety is good, having too much to choose from is better than not having enough. 

    • Do not publish photos of students on personal websites or social media. This is a potential FERPA issue. Just don't do it. 

    • Make your photos level. Don't try too hard to be creative with your composition. Level photos in portrait or landscape orientation are great. Crooked photos will not qualify for use. 

    • Not everything needs to be "art." A great shot showing happy faces and clearly illustrating the event or happening you are documenting is perfect. 

    • Don't photograph students who don't want to be photographed. Move on. There are other students who won't mind. 

    • Ensure appropriate file size. Make sure your camera or phone isn't sent to take photos at the lowest resolution setting. Photos need to be at least 2048 pixels wide to qualify for use. For print, size and quality matter.