• Cispus Student Clothing and Supply List 2018

    Very Important Items

     *A SACK LUNCH FOR THE FIRST DAY* (NO GLASS! DISPOSABLE lunch and a plastic water bottle is suggested for use at camp)



    ___Sweater or sweatshirt

    ___WARM jacket/water repellent

    ___Warm hat and gloves

    ___Rain Gear (such as a poncho or rain jacket; a large plastic garbage sack split open works in a pinch)

    ___Comfortable hiking boots/shoes (not new; they need to be broken in)

    ___A spare pair of shoes in case hiking boots/shoes get wet

    ___4 or more pairs of socks

    ___2-3 pairs of jeans (no short pants)

    ___2-3 shirts (long and short sleeved; layers are helpful)

    ___Underwear (a pair of long underwear or tights would be good for cold evenings, also)

     Other Items:

    ___Plastic water bottle with tight lid

    ___Plastic bag for soiled or damp laundry

    ___Towel, washcloth, shampoo & soap

    ___Toothbrush & toothpaste


    ___1 sleeping bag or bed-roll (in a large plastic bag)

    ___Black and orange for Thursday night

     Optional Items


    ___Sheet for covering mattress (under sleeping bag or bedroll)

    ___Shower Flip-Flops

    ___Extra blanket


    ___Blow dryer


    ___Flashlight (just not necessary)

    ___Camera (Disposable with flash works best. Use sharpie marker to put name and homeroom on camera.  Digital cameras are discouraged. We will not be responsible for any damage, or lost electronics.)

     Remember: All meds (prescriptions, over-the-counter items, melatonin, & vitamins) must have the following:

    • A complete pink doctor form
    • Original containers!
    • A 3-Day Supply ONLY

    No Cell Phones: They do not work (no reception what-so-ever!) and we do not want to risk damage or loss. Please leave them at home! If you want your student to have one for their return on Friday, please leave it with your school secretary. They should NOT be brought to camp!


    No knives, gum, candy, snacks, money, matches, electronic games, razors, electric rollers or curling irons, cell phones or MP3 players or iPods!


    * Shoes must fit properly and be comfortable. An extra pair of shoes and rain gear is a must because outdoor school continues outside, even in the rain.

    * Please LABEL all items with your child’s name and the name of their school to prevent loss of belongings. Mark all items with permanent ink or sew on a nametag.

    * Baggage tags will be given out to students when they arrive to school on the camp departure day for each piece of luggage and sleeping bag/bed roll.

    * Pack items in a suitcase, duffel bag or some other form of durable luggage. If you don’t see your student’s luggage on Friday after camp at their respective school, you might want to check at the other school.

Last Modified on February 2, 2018