• A Letter from Your Directors:

    Kira Duncan and Greg Teel

    Dear Parents,

    Camp Cispus is being held Tuesday, April 17th to Friday, April 20th.  For students who attend, this is the highlight of their 6th grade year. The Cispus Learning Center is located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (see attached map for directions). The facility includes heated dormitories (with hot showers), dining hall, educational buildings, gymnasium, dispensary, campfire area, amphitheater, live examples of nature, and numerous trail systems. Students will be learning science content in the areas of forestry, wildlife, environmental conservation, salmon and aquatics, and communication. They will be meeting students from the other school and doing some teambuilding activities which will help them feel less intimidated for middle school next year.

     The student fee for camp is $85 and needs to be paid in full at the school office by March 16thAny concerns with financial responsibilities need to be discussed with the school principal.  This is a great opportunity in which we hope all can participate. (If you are paying by check, make it payable to the Centralia School District No. 401 write “Camp Cispus” on the Memo line.)

     This packet includes 3 forms that need to be returned to your child’s school by March 16th to secure their spot in a dorm. They include the Behavior Expectation Contract (blue), Emergency Medical Form (green), and Medication Form (pink). 

     There will be a nurse or nurse assistant on duty at camp at all times.  She will dispense medications to students and have first aid supplies available. Attached you will find all of the necessary health forms that need to be filled out and returned to the school by March 16th. Medications need to be turned in to the office of the students’ schools no later than March 30th. Any medication, including over the counter items (Tylenol, cough drops, etc.) cannot be dispensed without the attached pink form signed by your child’s doctor.  A separate pink form is needed for each medication to be dispensed at camp. Prescription medications and over the counter medicines must be in their original containers.  Please send only the amount of meds needed at camp (a 3-day supply).

     As a preventative measure, the school nurse and/or nurse assistants will be checking all 6th graders for head lice. This is a standard procedure and will be done in a discreet manner. Our intent is to catch any potential infestations before going to camp so that the problem can be eradicated and all students can attend for the entire session.

     Students at camp will be expected to behave according the Centralia School District’s student behavior guidelines attached to this letter. Occasionally, students may have illnesses or behavior issues which would require their parent/emergency contact to pick them up at the Cispus Learning Center. There will be a building principal at camp during business hours. Your child’s principal will be contacted in regards to all issues of illness or behaviors. There is a map attached for you to use in such a situation.

    The students will leave from their school on the morning of Tuesday, April 17th. They should come to school at the regular time with their equipment and a SACK LUNCH. They cannot ride on school buses to school with camp equipment, so they need to be delivered to school by a parent/guardian. They will depart shortly after their arrival at school. They will return to school in time for dismissal on Friday, April 20thYou will need to arrange to have your child picked up from school between 12:00 and 12:15.  Again, they will not be allowed on the bus with their luggage. 

     The sixth grade staff is thankful for your support in all fund-raising projects and appreciates the efforts you have put in to ensure this opportunity for your child and others. This awesome learning environment creates one large hands-on science unit that kids never forget.

     Thank you again.


     Greg Teel                                                      Kira Duncan

    Washington Elementary Director              Oakview Elementary Director

    360-330-7641                                               360-330-7638

    gteel@centralia.wednet.edu                      kduncan@centralia.wednet.edu

Last Modified on February 2, 2018