• Principals:  Shannon Richards and Danielle Vekich

    Directors:  Kira Duncan and Greg Teel

     January 30, 2018

     Dear Families:

    This letter is in regards to Outdoor Education Camp which will take place at Camp Cispus from April 17-20th, 2018. Camp is an integral part of the sixth grade science curriculum in Centralia and all sixth grade students are expected to attend. Prior arrangements need to be made with your child’s principal if there is a reason your student cannot attend camp. Those who do not participate in this experience will be expected to attend class at their respective schools with a 6th grade teacher who will not be going to camp. A special environmental science project has been prepared for those students to complete in place of the camp experience.

     We will address some of the concerns expressed in past years by parents.

    • Sleeping bags are more convenient but are not essential. Many students bring a pillow, a sheet and a couple of army blankets and do very well. Cabins are heated and well maintained. Each student will have his/her own bed and mattress.
    • Each cabin has restrooms and individual hot showers within.
    • We strongly urge students to dress warmly and bring rain gear or ponchos if possible. Layers are great.
    • A Registered Nurse or her assistant will be at camp all four days. Please inform us immediately of any allergies, dietary issues or health conditions your student may have that we need to be aware of at camp. Students who become ill at camp may be transported home early by parents.
    • Be sure that anything sent to camp is clearly marked for identification.
    • Though there are recreational activities at camp such as hiking, games, etc., there are also academic activities requiring math, science, health and fitness, and communication skills. These activities are correlated to Centralia School District and Washington State Grade Level Expectations.
    • The fee for camp is $85. Payment is due by March 16th. Concerns about payment need to be discussed with the building principal.
    • Phone calls between students and parents during camp are discouraged. There is a phone in the Directors’ Office (Mr. Teel/Ms. Duncan) and is utilized if needed for emergency purposes or if communication with a parent is necessary.
    • Student cell phones and electronic items are not allowed at camp. All valuables need to be left at home. There is no need for money at camp.

    High School counselors will be in attendance at camp also. They will have been screened and trained and have support and approval from their teachers and parents to attend. There will be one counselor (most are 11th and 12th graders) for every 6-8 campers; counselors stay in the dormitories with the campers and walk them to and from activities. They also assist teachers at teaching stations and help with the recreational activities. They stay in close contact with your child’s classroom teacher and report all concerns or problems. Adult staff will be staying in a centrally located dormitory. There will be close supervision of counselors and 6th graders by adult staff members. Sixth grade students can contact their teacher at any time during camp if they have concerns or issues to discuss. Please encourage your student to stay in communication with their teacher as needed.

     We hope that this letter will relieve any anxiety that parents or students may feel as camp approaches. Students who have attended camp in the past often list this as one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of their entire school career. We hope to maintain that same level of enthusiasm for each student attending Camp Cispus, 2018.                                                                                            


    Shannon Richards, Principal at Oakview

    Danielle Vekich, Principal at Washington 

Last Modified on February 1, 2018