• Camp Cispus Behavioral Expectations

    (Please return this blue form to your teacher by March 16th)


    v All students attending Camp Cispus are required to read, abide by, and sign the Behavioral Expectation form. Parent/Guardian signature is required as well.

    v On the buses to and from Cispus, all students will be expected to conform to established Centralia School District bus behavior.

    v Students will show respect for others and for all property.

    v During the entire Cispus trip, all students will be expected to abide by any and all reasonable requests given by any adult or counselor in attendance.

    v All students will be expected to attend all meals, class sessions, group meetings, and recreation sessions on time and without exception unless excused ahead of time by an adult staff member.

    v At “lights out,” all students will be expected to be quiet and orderly on their bunks (and to stay in their bunks).

    v All students are expected to stay out of the dormitories other than the one they have been assigned.

    v All students will be expected to complete duties (dorm clean-up, kitchen duty, flag duty, etc.) on time, according to instructions and with a positive attitude.

    v All students will be expected to stay with their cabin group or buddy at the camp at all times. Students are expected to stay out of those areas at Cispus where they do not belong. Students are not to travel away from cabin group (even with their buddy) without permission from their counselor or an adult staff member.

    v All students will be expected to keep areas around their bunks neat and clean at all times.

    v Students will abide by all cabin, camp and school district rules.

    v Students will avoid disruptive behavior during all camp activities.

    v Photos will not be taken in the cabins in order to protect privacy of others.



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    Parent Name (printed)                                                                  Parent Email   (print clearly please)


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    Student’s Name (printed)                   Student’s Signature                          Homeroom              Date


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    Parent/Guardian Signature               Parent/Guardian Phone #                     2nd Phone # (emergency)




    • Serious infractions or repetitive breaking of rules will likely result in the student being sent home from camp.


    • The parent/guardian is responsible to pick their student up at Cispus in this case.


    • If a student must return home for any reason (behavior, illness, homesickness, etc.), they will not be allowed to return to camp.





    Updated: 11/20/17

Last Modified on February 1, 2018