• Centralia School District uses i-Ready as tool in grades K - 9th grade.  There are several important ways i-Ready helps students and helps teachers to know how to meet individual learning needs.

    Diagnostic Benchmark - Students take a diagnostic benchmark assessment in reading and in math in the fall winter and spring.  i-Ready adjusts to each student giving harder or easier questions as needed.  This gives teachers information on very specific skills a student is able to do or might need additional help with.  With this information teachers are able to provide intentional instruction targeted right where a student needs it.  This assessment also will provide data on how a student is progressing throughout the school year.

    Adaptive Computer Instruction - i-Ready also has an instructional component.  Students are automatically placed at the correct level and then given computer based lessons targeted on exactly what they need.  Not all students will work on the instructional part of i-Ready during schoool but it is available for students who need extra help in a particular area of reading or math.  Students are also able to access i-Ready instruction from home.