• My name is Danielle Vekich, principal of Washington Elementary. This will be my 11th year as principal of this terrific organization, and I feel privileged to take on this role.  At Washington Elementary, Home of the Mini-Tigers, we pride ourselves in encouraging great choices and focus on a different virtue of the month throughout the year.

    The Washington Elementary Staff wants your child to have a successful year. You are invited to call and arrange an appointment with the principal, counselor, or teacher when you have concerns.  In addition, regularly scheduled conferences are held in October and March this year.

    Washington Elementary will continue to have an 85 minute reading block, using a novel-based program called CIA.  This is a school-wide model for reading instruction that tests students to determine their reading level, places them in reading groups where they receive instruction at their level, and monitors their progress throughout the year to ensure they are making progress.  

    All students are required to read for 30 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday.  Additional homework may be assigned as needed in other classes your child attends in order to strengthen their reading ability.

    We are excited to implement our new Math program titled “Ready Math.” Our staff will be receiving on-going training and unit planning to deliver the very best math instruction for each of our students. 

    We are looking forward to a successful year with your child.  We encourage you to become involved in our school.

Headshot of Principal Danielle Vekich