• Centralia High School has developed a consistent indicator to meet the challenges of changing state data that doesn’t always accurately reflect student progress toward graduation – particularly concerning assessment. The CHS Graduation Assessment Ready (GAR) indicator is a more accurate way to represent how CHS is preparing its students for college and career readiness. This year’s seniors at CHS enter the school year with 87% GAR in math, 69% GAR in ELA and 80% GAR in science. CHS met goals in the areas of 9th grade credits earned, 4-year on-time graduation rate and 5-year extended graduation rate and deserve recognition for the accomplishment. The one area that fell was 9th grade attendance and this will be addressed by staff this year as a priority. CHS has formed a Student Study Team (SST) to work with ALL our students with a focus on 9th graders to identify barriers to consistent attendance. The SST is working with students and parents to refocus the importance on daily attendance. All staff will participate in professional development focused on increasing attendance and achievement by Pat Quinn this school year.

Last Modified on September 18, 2017