• Are you concerned that your child may not be developing typically? Parents who suspect their child may have a disability should contact the Child Find program. Children can be evaluated to determine if they have a disability or developmental delay.
    Parents should contact Child Find if they: 
    • Have questions about whether their child has a disability
    • Are concerned about their infant, toddler, or preschooler's development
    • Know their child has a disability and are looking for appropriate educational services
    • Would like to know how to help their school age child succeed in school
    Children are evaluated for a suspected disability differently depending on their age. See the chart below to learn how to request an evaluation of your child. All evaluations are provided at no cost.
    Infants and Toddlers
    0 - 3 years old
    Preschool Age Children
    3 - 5 years old​
    School Age Children
    5 - 21 years old
    Centralia School District offers evaluations for infants and toddlers, birth through three years old, through our InTot Dev. Center and the Early Learning Center. This evaluation will help you to determine if your child is following a typical pattern of development. If appropriate, InTot or the Early Learning Center will provide early intervention help for your child.  Developmental evaluations are provided by Centralia School District for children between the ages of three and five to identify possible delays in language, motor, cognitive, or social-emotional development. Screenings are scheduled monthly to determine if any and in what are your child may require evaluation. If appropriate, Centralia School District will provide special education services for your child. Centralia School District identifies children ages 5 through 21 who may have a disability. A parent, staff member, or outside person may refer a student at their local school.
    For assistance, or if you have questions, contact (360) 736-4359 phone or (360) 330-1663. If you have questions or concerns about your preschooler's development, or to refer a child for evaluation, contact Child Find: Molly Brown, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Special Education, at (360) 827-6446. To refer a student, contact the school psychologist or the CSD Special Education department at (360) 827-6446.

    If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact the district where you are currently staying for a screening.