Family Resource Advocates


    Our district uses Title I funds to support a Family Resource Advocate at each Title I school. 


    The Family Resource Advocate acts as a liaison between the school district staff, families, and community to assist and encourage parent and community involvement in their students’ education.  Although the Family Resource Advocate speaks and writes Spanish, s/he works with families from all cultures and backgrounds.


    The role of the Family Resource Advocate is to:

    • Work toward developing good public relations with the parents, school, and community

    • Provide an enthusiastic and positive learning climate that promotes appropriate behavior and successful learning and progress

    • Interact positively with students, colleagues, parents, and patrons of the school district.

    • Promote appreciation for cultural and racial diversity among students



    Here are some of the things that the Family Resource Advocate can do to help you:

    • Translate for you in the school office or with your child’s teacher
    • Help you understand school rules and policies
    • Answer your questions (in person or by phone) about our school
    • Arrange parent events to help you get to know other parents
    • Help you understand requirements such as state testing and preparing for middle school, high school, and graduation
    • Assist you with other similar things that may come up during the school year 




    Our Family Resource Advocates




    Oakview & Edison Elementary:  Tatiana Cruz Vazquez              

    Oakview: 360-330-7638  

    Edison:    360-330-7631                          tcruz@centralia.wednet.edu








    Fords Prairie:  Maria Hughes                                                                                             


    360-330-7633                    mhughes@centralia.wednet.edu








    Jefferson Lincoln:  Laura Martinez                           


    360-827-6104                    lmartinez@centralia.wednet.edu










    Washington:  Zuleyma Perez                


     360-330-7641     zperez@centralia.wednet.edu       


    Cell: 360-269-3435







    Centralia Middle School:  Kristiana Bundy  


    330-7619                    kbundy@centralia.wednet.edu