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    Running Start 

    Running Start students must have 11 credits in order to attend Centralia College Classes as part of their high school education. As a junior or senior, you can earn credits toward high school graduation at CHS and an Associate of Arts degree. The counseling team will help you with the application process to Running Start.


    Several Steps and informational points are important to keep in mind to attend Running Start...

    • Talk to your family to see if it is a right and good academic choice for you.

    • During CHS student led conferences in spring, talk this over with your advisor and if needed, counselor.  

    • Decide if full time or part time Running Start is best for you, based on your academic, social and school needs.

    • Pick up a Running Start Enrollment Packet from the counseling center, and consult with your school counselor about processes.

      • Complete all items in the packet as soon as possible after your conference, and before the end of April.

    • Seek a consult or meeting with your school counselor and parent if you have any questions.

    • Remember, one part of your Running Start Packet is returned to your counselor, the other part to Centralia College.

    • Julie Wiseman can help you send your test scores (if available) and transcripts to Centralia College. If your test scores are not available, you will need to complete the Accuplacer.

    • Following the steps of the Running Start directions, call and locate the testing, advising, and required parent meeting for Running Start Advising.


    For the process and FAQ's see the Centralia College web page at: http://www.centralia.edu/academics/runningstart/index.html


    Running Start Credit Equivalencies: Use this handy conversion tool to see how to fulfill your CHS requirements at Centralia College: CC to CHS Credit Conv


    Please view this power point for important Running Start information: CHS Running Start Info IMPORTANT


    If you would like to stay informed about CHS happenings while at Running Start, look at the CHS bulletin and sign up for Remind for text message reminders.  

    OSPI has given us Running Start rules and regulations for standard operating procedures.  See this web site for more info: 




    Remind101 RST Instructions


    New Market Vocational Skills Center

    NMVSC is an open enrollment program located in Tumwater which offers specialized service for technical education.

    Link to New Market's Web page: http://www.newmarketskills.com/   

    See your CHS counselor for details and application to NMVSC.



    If a student is not making progress toward graduating in four years, he/she maybe eligible for an alternative school program. Centralia School District is associated with FUTURUS High School. 
    FUTURUS High School is an open enrollment program with a self-paced learning environment. It is located at 906 Johnson Road, Centralia, WA and has regular school business hours. For a quick tour or questions, see your CHS counselor or call Faye Olason, director at FHS (360) 827-6430.


    CHS Summer School

    Summer school classes are offered at Centralia High School in a five to six week session. Classes offered include math, science, English, PE  and history. These classes can be taken by course completion, which means a student can complete only the portion they have not finished during the school year. The number of classes that can be taken during the summer session is limited to two (and sometimes three for the super-motivated student). The classes are FREE!.  Summer school enrollment is limited to a first come, first serve basis, so register early. Usually the enrollment forms are available in March of the current school year. See your counselor for information. CHS Summer school is only available to CHS students, and is only credit retrieval.
    Extended Learning at BYU (Correspondence classes) 

    Centralia High School has a working relationship with BYU extended learning to bring you classes either by correspondence or online. The cost is around $135.00 per half credit class. Be sure to check with your counselor before you register for a class to see if it fits in your high school & beyond plan. BYU offers a wide range of classes (including U.S. history, English, math, PE and fine art options). You may register online or by phone. The catalog   of classes is also online, and is accessible by clicking the link below and going to high school classes. For more information, FAQs,and specific classes on Extended Learning at BYU (Correspondence classes), visit http://ce.byu.edu/is/site/ 

    Warning: these classes may not count for core classes toward NCAA academic eligibility as of 2010-11, according to NCAA rules.

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