• It is the policy of the Centralia School District to make all identifiable public records available to the public, with certain exceptions and exemptions as outlined by state law.  We will respond to all requests for public records as per state law (RCW 42.56) and in accordance with Centralia School District policies 4040 and 4040P.  Requesting parties should be familiar with these policies.

    Please note, the Centralia School District follows the records retention schedule for school districts outlined by the Washington Secretary of State.

    To request any public record you believe is in the possession of the Centralia School District, please submit your request in writing to our Public Records Officer, Brittany Kindell. You may submit your request in the following ways:

    By Mail:
    Centralia School District 401
    Public Records Request
    Attn:  Brittany Kindell
    2320 Borst Ave.
    Centralia, WA 98531 

    Please send your e-mail message to Brittany Kindell

    You do not need to obtain or submit a form to submit a public records request. Please make your request is in writing and be as clear and specific as possible, so that we may more easily respond in a timely manner. We will respond within five (5) business days to acknowledge receipt of your request and to provide you with a timeline for compliance, if more time to respond is required. All parties affected by a request for public record will be notified of the request. 
    If you are making a request for directory information, you may be asked to sign a declaration that you do not intend to use the information for commercial purposes.